Windsor View Apartments

L.R. NUMBER: 76/317


ECL’s first development was completed in 2003. This includes leisure residential apartments which lie about 10 kilometers from Nairobi town otherwise known as “Windsor View apartments.” This exclusive estate is situated in a superb environment on the serene surroundings of Windsor County and Golf Club away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The beautiful surroundings are matched with the amenities of this ultra modern apartment provided with ultimate security and luxury living. Windsor View Apartments (“WVA”) has a variety of exceptional facilities including self contained rooms with tastefully tiled floors with a private balcony, servants’ quarters plus satellite television, toilets and hot showers all of which only adds to its unending niceties, all at a reasonable renting price. WVA is a small but compact apartment for anybody in pursuit of a nice, peaceful and most importantly, affordable stay. The towering 3 - block apartments have several accommodation options to choose from raging from single bedrooms to double bed roomed flats depending on ones family size and requirement. It also boasts of its ample private car parking while its two bed roomed flats have private showers and toilets. Block A covers an area of 113m² and has 10 flats, Block B covers an area of 122m² with 10 flats while Block C covers and area of 251m² with 20 flats;all totaling to 5,231.30 square feet (486 square meters) WVA is boarded by Brae Burn College to the North and covers a total area of ¾ acre land which is accessible from both the major highways of Kiambu and Thika roads.